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    Simple flash video chat script

    1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):
    I need a very simple video chat script done. It needs to work with simple PHP and pretty good flash and be compatible with FMS.

    I need for it to have it to where you can make your own room and it calls upon something like:
    and if the nickname= and room= match, (such as nickname=john&room=john) it will access their webcam, and he/she will be the person in the video in the chatroom as well as be able to chat, while other people (that nickname and room do not match) will only be able to chat and not be in a video.

    I also need a thing to where if its ?nickname=admin , it will allow me to go in chats and kick people, as well as a red dot will be beside the nickname in the userlist... (the username is going to be something else besides "admin" , so i would like a config.php where i can edit the admin nickname.

    I will take care of everything else (such as registration , etc ,etc.. i JUST need those above things done, and those things done only).

    I would like the chatroom interface like this:

    Person's webcam video at the very top... list of users in that particular chatroom listed to the right hand side. Chatbox right underneith the webcam video. and a text field where user can chat in that room.

    2) Payment Amount: Offer

    3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): Paypal
    no deadline
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    we can do this for you. contact us via email,messenger or phone for further discusssion about pricing.


    contact us :
    email/msn: sales@globalwebseller.com
    AIM: gwsolutions19
    yahoo: global_websolutions
    skype: globalwebsolutions
    USA/Can:Tollfree:+1- 888-475-6024
    United Kingdom - London

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    BEWARE: avoid GWsolutions. they are horrible and have screwed over many people, there is a thread dedicated to it over at WHT. pm me if you want details, they refuse to refund my money. never finished the work and frankly i was laughed at when i tried to get someone else to finish it and had to be done from scratch.


    Ryan M


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