I have been developing software and systems for over twenty years. While currently employed full time I find that I am now involved in higher level business functions and am not expected to develop software.

My preferred development environment is PHP on a Linux box utilizing some type of SQL database. I've worked with Oracle and MySQL databases extensively and have some experience with SQL Server. My preferred area of development involves server side systems. For example, a series of APIs and related database tables that enable a relatively complex product or service offering.

Specifically, while I might like to move to a full time consultancy over time, I am currently interested in designing and developing custom capabilities from scratch in order to deliver a proof of concept or prototype implementation. This reduces the amount of time I need to dedicate to a project while allowing you to reduce risk by getting a difficult portion of your project simplified at a reasonable cost.

As an example, at one point I created a system that matched firewall log records with IP session ownership to track utilization based on a customer hierarchy (though at this point those capabilities are probably available from packaged solutions). This ended up creating billions of records within a couple years. For work or hobby I've created message handling systems, database architectures, enterprise B2B commerce capabilties, forex and stock trading systems, databases and APIs for internet startups and so on. These efforts involved a host of different industries of various sizes.

Basically, I'm offering to design and develop a sample solution to a difficult or custom problem that can then be handed over to your development team for refinement and integration into your own systems. This service might appeal to you if you have worked with one or more providers and were unable to achieve the desired outcome. This may also appeal to you if you haven't defined your needs in enough detail to farm out a project to your regular provider.

Generally, prototype efforts would be done on my own AWS infrastructure, made available for for testing/verification and then the source code and any necessary supporting documentation would be delivered upon acceptance/payment. To keep your costs and the demands on my time relatively low I'd suggest picking a pinpoint problem of some difficulty that would provide serious value to your project.

What obstacle can I help remove from your path?