Good day all.

As a professional web development agency we have a great deal of experience working with many companies in different industries. We also understand that many people have been burned by developers who simply make false claims and eventually vanish from sight. This is why we have adopted an approach that will completely eliminate these issues with single freelance developers, and more often than not, offshore development companies.

What we like to do is take the small projects and complete the work in-house amongst our highly skilled team, but when it comes to larger jobs we work in an entirely different manner. We find that breaking a large task down into smaller, manageable chunks and spreading the development over multiple developers works much more efficiently, cheaper and faster than hiring a single developer who may already be overloaded with work; often at your expense!

Proper project planning and project management is essential to a reliable service. This is why we take the stress from you in finding a developer by building detailed project plans, splitting the work right down and managing multiple developers. Overall this usually ends up costing you less in the long run by providing a much more reliable end product.

It would be great to hear about your business ideas, your goals and how you envision your future and anything you feel that the web could do to help you move forward and prosper. Even if you don't require any work at the moment, i am sure we can offer some expert advice and different solutions to your needs.

Fire me a PM with your questions and we can exchange contact details.