Hi I currently study Graphic Design and Illustration, due to being a idiot i have left this pretty much till the last minute, i have just over 2 weeks left until my Final Major Projects have to be handed in. I have been creating animated looped gifs this year and need a slideshow programmed.

What i would like is for the program to run on a raspberry pi, the slide show would need to be able to use animated gifs (looped) and music. I then need a way for the user to change the gifs and music individually, so you can press a button to go next on gifs and another button to go next on music. I'm pretty sure this shouldn't be to hard for someone who knows what they're doing, i have dabbled in coding but haven't got time to work this one out. I can pay (not to much but we can talk about that) but will need this done for next week this time, have got a week longer if needed but i don't want to risk it.

If this is hard then i wouldn't mind the slideshow to be built into a website, but i need it to have a option to change music and .gif individually. I have been told there should be some templates for this, but i haven't been able to find one.

If you think you can do this, contact me on here or j.sakoilsky@gmail.com