I am looking to partner with someone as I have a business venture I am looking to start up. I would need someone who could program a website to function a certain way. I do not just want to build a website so if you are just a web developer this is not the project for you. I need a programmer who can code a website idea I have to function a specific way. I prefer to work with someone I can meet with as I am willing to pay them, but additionally I would expect them to assume liability with me in ownership to offset costs. If I could pick my perfect programmer it would be someone who is in college that needs cash, and possess mad talent. I think if I could find this type of person we could make a lot of money together. I am an experienced business entrepreneur, and I do not want to waste your or my time so please serious responses only. I am not comfortable working with anyone outside of the US. I live in San Francisco, CA so if you are close to the city please contact me. Erik@E3univ.com