Experience American programmer.

Tired of getting people to work for you who don't know what they are doing but will say they can do the project often times leaving it midway or simply doing it the wrong way?

Get your e-store up and running
Want a guestbook, message board on your site? - no problem
Want a chatroom or instant massager on your website? - no problem
Want a browser game created? As long as you do the graphics than it's no problem!

Want some flipped out active design - no problem

You don't need to know a thing about computers just tell me what you want and I can make it happen for sure.

I only deal with my own custom apps meaning if you want a message board I will build you one from the ground up though I hold all the licenses and will be leasing the software to you.

Anything web base I can do - no problem

Even better since I'm unemployed and in need of income badly I'll even work for you for only $1 an hour.

All transactions made through paypal
At least %50 of agreed final payment up front before project starts.