We are currently a small established firm in the legal sector. I have an idea for a web based version of most of the services that we offer.

Before I continue I would like to point out that this is not just an idea where I am looking for someone to build it for free with us not doing any work. The website will need a very large database of legislation, case law and written work. All of this is our area of expertise and will require a great deal of work from us to implement as part of the production process.

The potential customer base for the site for 2012 was 174000, based on actual judicial statistics. I in no way expect to get any where near that amount of customers but even gaining 1% of the potential market would produce significant income. The potential market for 2013 is considerably higher than 2012 due to legal aid cuts in the area.

The site needs to be able to store information from customers and use the information to retrieve the appropriate things from the database of information that we have input in the correct formats. It must work on mobile devices due a certain aspect of it. I am not sure what languages it will need to be programmed in but it may be php and mysql, although I am not a competent programmer (I have not programmed for 15 years and that was in pascal) so am entirely open how it is done as long as it works well and looks good.

The database would require some updating around 3 times per year but would need to much added to it.

The programmer would obviously receive a share of the profits, terms slightly negotiable.