If you have an idea, or a script you need turned into something real, look no further!

Don't worry, i am not an Indian tech company looking to screw you with terrible under-performing code, i'm a lone freelancer from New Zealand who just wants to help create the next big things.

I create, from scratch, completely custom php/html/jquery based scripts that are 100% yours. This means that you will be able to use them for whatever purpose you want, including selling them to other people, releasing the source, solidifying your idea, or any number of things. Once the script is created it will be yours entirely, including all rights to onsell, maintain, and upgrade as you see fit.

Some of my completely custom scripts are as follows:

I have done many others including search engines, web hosting services, ecommerce panels/shops, membership systems, and many more! Quotes and consultations are free, so if you just want to talk out your idea and get some insight into the costs of it and how it would be done, there is no cost or obligation with doing that!

Contact me via PM or add 'www.1eden.com' on skype!