Hello everyone! My name is Billy and I own Professional Forum Posters, a company devoted to kickstarting new forums and bringing older forums back to life. My team of native English writers and I can write content on any forum and on any subject. Although no one knows everything, we can research any topic and write revelent content. We always use proper spelling, punctuation, grammar and sentence structure, and we never use "internet slang." We have been in business for two years and have served many different types of forums and have several repeat clients.

Each post or thread we write contains between 25 and 50 words. My fee per post is normally $.40, but to invite you to give us a try, I'm offering a small, 8 post, 2 thread sample package for only $3.50. That's just $0.35 per post! If you have a forum that needs some additional traffic, PM me and I'll send details on how we can get started immediately. My only restriction is that we do not work on other forums on your behalf (third party posting). You must have your own forum. Also, if you have any questions, feel free to PM me. Thanks, and Happy New Year!