i have recently been laid off from my role as lead developer at a local ecommerce development company due to their unforseen financial issues, meaning i am now again available full time for work.

I am willing to take any project at the moment so if you would like to discuss any work please drop me an email and say hello!

I work very hard and always strive to produce only quality work that i can be proud of. This ships with around 14 years programming experience 8 of which are commercial in many areas of web development.

My skills are listed below. I am not however the kind of person to limit myself and always take the responsibilty of research when working on something entirely new:

html 5 - love this new tech!
App development for ios and android - pure bonus lol
actionscript - dieing i know but thought it should be listed regardless
c# - oh the power!

I come highly recommended and will gladly provide written references if requested.

Email me so i can help: ukwebdev1984@gmail.comShare*

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