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    PHP/MySQL Systems Development for Hire

    Though I am currently employed full time (designing and developing systems) I too am looking for PHP/MySQL work. I am willing to work for an hourly wage or on a fixed price basis.

    Also, if you need some technical capability that is well beyond your price range, I am willing to consider developing cloud base XML services for a nominal fee -- with the understanding that I could offer subscription based access to those services to the general public.


    - Extensive Linux, MySQL and PHP experience.
    - Shell scripts, cron jobs, basic server configuration and administration.
    - Enterprise scale systems, operations and monitoring systems.
    - Design and development of XML API suites
    - Scalable cloud development via Amazon EC2, S3, RDS, etc.


    - Simple Javascript, CSS and HTML.

    Sample Work:

    One of my prior jobs consisted of creating a set of services allowing subscribers to request, download and score videos. Additionally, back end systems based on FFMPEG were used to transcode the large quantities of videos delivered to handheld devices or web users.

    This work involved database design, automated systems, operational monitoring, XML services consumed by handheld devices, complex ranking engines and scalability management using AWS. All server side work was done using Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP.


    As a server side specialist I don't have a visual portfolio but I do have some technical demos, for example the following English language syllable counter:


    While probably not useful to very many people this is something that could easily be provided as an XML service.
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    I am interested. Can you PM me your Skype ID please?


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