I have some free time available soon for development or server administration work. I specialise in PHP, Javascript and Bash development.

- I work to HTML5 and CSS3 standards in a backwards compatible way.
- I have over 10 years experience as a PHP developer. I can do things in PHP you didn't know was possible.
- I'm one of those rare experts in Javascript. I can make your site do what you actually want it to - who needs Flash when you have a good Javascript programmer?
- I can demonstrate a number of complex and unusual sites proving my skills.

- I have extensive experience with CentOS, Ubuntu, SuSE and Gentoo giving me a range of skills I can adapt to virtually any distribution.
- I can write the firewall rules of your dreams.
- I can customise your distribution the way you want it.
- I can write complex scripts using Bash to automate server administration.
- I have extensive experience with WHM/cPanel.
- I have previously designed and developed extremely complex and secure server installations.

I am available for 20 USD per hour. I also offer a range of hosting plans starting from 20 per year in the UK.

Initially, you should contact me with a private message through this site.