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    Looking for Co-Founders for Message Board Web 2.0 App

    I've been building a web app for the past few months and finally have it in a prototype form that I am happy with.

    you can view it at:


    (you can view a more functional prototype at http://rickymason.net/blurb
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    With this site, I can manage infinite categories without manual control, and users can easily, and quickly navigate through specific items of interest.

    Its a place where people can blog and get instant feedback. Where people can ask questions and get answers immediately from many different people. And a place where users can provide links and discuss interesting articles/news/information with others who share similar interests.

    I started this site a few months ago with absolutely NO knowledge of PHP / mySQL / web in general. This is why I am really looking for someone who can take this idea further and turn ideas into product in a much smoother way.

    please message me, or e-mail me at rickymm3 @ gmail com if youre interested.


    On using the site:

    All the data was created through the old prototype (..mason.net/blurb). You can't create data yet within the current prototype.

    You customize your 'Board' by first choosing a 'group.'

    The default 'group' is All, which displays all threads by timestamp. You can click the arrow to open a input box that will provide you with a list of all available groups (current: 'anime', 'video', 'video games'). These 'groups' are made by users, and act just like the 5 default nav items (all, scitech, entertainment, etc).

    You can futher customize your 'Board' by then adding specific categories. If you choose 'Video Games' as your group, you can specifically talk about, "Halo." By adding the category, the system will filter only threads in 'group' : Video Games, that is associated with Halo.

    In addition, you can add up to 5 categories, so you can discuss multiple topics at one time.
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