I'm a graphic designer who learned HTML, CSS and WordPress out of necessity, but what I really enjoy and excel at is design.

I've worked with many developers on many projects, and am not only a talented graphic artist, but over the years I've developed a good sense for how design components need to be sized and spaced for most efficient use and layout.

I'm happy to work on entire sites or themes, or to individual graphics for any purpose. Commissioning me to develop pieces to be bundled with other things for resale is no problem. I also have experience developing software graphics for all phases of software projects.

http://www.cmmconcepts.com/portfolio is incomplete and out of date since I always put my own site behind client work but it gives a decent idea of my style and skill. I'm happy to upload or send more specific samples upon request.

(I'm an educator and have a degree in grammar and rhetoric, too, if anyone needs help developing or editing content. Although I am not a technical person, I have experience working on technical documentation, user manuals, instructional materials, etc. I'm told that I possess a gift for being able to comprehend technical concepts, and then to present them in ways easier for most end users to understand.)

Thank you,


christine at cmmconcepts dot com