Nibbr is a web & software development company based in the UK; we specialise in mobile applications development, web applications development and website development.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a solid, fast and secure online service which is accomplished by using rapid application development methods. We listen very closely to our customers as we understand there is always a need for a reliable mobile, web, desktop and service application development service no matter what business does or what software you require.

Our customers recieve only the best and highest quality, professional services you would expect from an established applications & software development company allowing you to focus on running your business while we focus on the online technical aspects of your business development.

We have over thirthy years of combined experience working in the application & software development industry; our team work very closely together to create software solutions that suit your needs exactly with every project tailored specifically to you and your business.

Nibbr Web Development is located primarily in the United Kingdom although our developers are situated all around the world to bring a service that has many different points of view; enabling us to design and develop absolutely any applications you need without the need to spend extra cash on extensive research and unnecessary development costs.