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    *Edit. Subject: Looking for help for Forum Web Application

    I am looking for fellow programmers who would be interested in joining me in a project I've been working on.

    The idea is essentially a message board similar to stackexchange.com(found this out later after I started building..hah), that does not require the need for categories, and offers the user a place to go for information and discussion, even when they don't necessary know what they want to read or talk about.

    The model creates a site with endless possibilities, and focuses on a design that allows us to grab a load of relevant keywords for targeting ads. The data we gather from users will be incredibly useful info.

    I have a completed prototype built with Codeigniter, and thus PHP and mySQL. Currently, i brushed a small amount of CSS on top to make it look decent.

    take a test drive here: www.rickymason.net/letschat/main/home

    What I am looking for, first and foremost is someone that shares my vision regarding the possibilities of this site. If you find yourself on message boards constantly, and understand the importance of MBs, and acknowledge the lack of a central message board hub, I can assure you that this idea will interest you.

    I am looking for a team that shares my passion for this idea.

    I started teaching myself PHP, mySQL, CSS/HTML and javascript several months ago, but learned fast, and as I said, have completed a prototype of the site.

    I need a javascript coder and someone very familiar with AJAX, jquery, json, etc. Creating a intuitive UI and a web2.0 experience is vital.

    In addition,
    I am also seeking a designer, someone with good design sense, CSS3 and HTML5 skills.

    I would also like to bring in another talented PHP/mySQL coder, though as I said, the main coding portion is done, although there is a lot more 'extra' features to add, such as advanced user profiles and a social experience. Having an exprienced programmer in this area will make it much easier and help to ensure best practice.

    Hope to hear from some of you. I would also really like to hear some feedback / critiques.

    Quick Notes:


    Unfortunately, as far as I can tell, there is an error with the e-mail verification. It will say something along the lines of 'can't verify' after you click the link in the e-mail. It is lying. You are verified, can log in, and post new threads.

    I'm using TankAuth. It was the first thing I added, and I haven't gone back to figure out the problem.


    Anyway, its more of the concept that i'd like feedback on. The site gives you the opportunity to talk about whatever you'd like from within 1 site, and without requiring the manual action of category creation.

    For instance. If you wanted to talk about Guild Wars, you can 'add a filter' by typing in "guild wars"

    This will filter all topics to display only those attributed to Guild Wars. It would include the original, and the 2nd.

    You could clear that search, and refine it, by typing in "Guild Wars 2" and you would get a much more concise list of threads.

    You also have the option of combining different filters. For instance, lets say you are interested in 'Guild Wars' and 'PC games.' By creating 2 filters, you can now view a combined thread list that displays both filters.

    When you create a thread, it gives you the choice to add your own keywords, or alternatively, if you already have an active filter, it will automatically place your created thread into that category for simplicity sake. So essentially, each filter you add is like going to an individual forum!

    Thank you anyone who helps test it out!

    BTW, i am also looking for eager programmers that might be interesting in polishing the site.

    I have written out some more complex search queries/algorithms and after that implementation I will work on creating user-profiles. I want to create some fun achievements and such for dedicated users and do so by utilizing some nifty algorithms. For instance, if a user spends most of his time on a specific board, and earns a certain level of respect through the report feature, he can eventually become a 'major' type admin that gets to pick filter images, descriptions, etc and help moderate.

    Lots of room to grow! Not to mention how much revenue the keyword/filter system can help generate. As the admin, you will get tons of useful info such as what exactly your users are interested in, and how much attention is being focused on where.

    If you'd like to help, pm me.
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