You're looking for an App or an Webpage for less than 500USD?

Than you're right here.

Lets see

Of course there is no chance to get a prof. Website or an App for less than 500USD.

In the world wide web you'll find thousends of free web Templates that will match to your fancy.

Those Templates are free.
Of course your able by your own to download and use them. But for that you need a bit knowledge.

And that is where i can help you.
I sell my own CMS (Non Typo or joomla crap where you have to study to understand how it works)
My CMS works like this:
1.)You choose your template.
2.)I add my CMS to it.
3.) After that you can login into your cms, add pages, content or modules or what ever and the best is:
The CMS has the same look that your template has. So when your logged in, you only have to click at the current page icon, and you can change the content easely.
You can include modules like (shopsystems, guestbooks, forums, comunitys or whatever) only with a simple word within your content.

For example:

Hello, this is my shop. Take a look arround [$shop$] Thank you.

So your page shows:
Hello, this is my shop. Take a look arround


Thank you.

All modules, you are using within my cms are changeable (of course)

What about Apps
Of course those are no native Apps (for example for IStore and so on).
I'm using JQTouch. But belive me. You will not see (depends on what kind of App you need) any differences to a native one)
And those apps working for Iphone, Android and many many more mobile devices)

In that case it is the same thing. I sell you my cms but, of couse, i also do the design for you. Because unfortunately there are no templates for Apps.

Of course there is a limit.
I can't build you an App with an High Level Game like Call od duty. Those Apps are nothing else than the most apps in the stores. For representing yourself or your company. GPS and GEO Location are possible of course.

Please contact me under: info@metalrain.de

Thank you