Hi everyone,
I finished university few months ago and I'm looking for my first job, so I expect to work as junior programmer and with very low salary to get experience in the industry, I'm quite flexible about that. I can relocate without problems.
Please note that my spoken EN is basic, so I may need few months to became fluent.
I can also consider internship, or indie start-up team in other towns without salary, depending on the case if it's intended to be a serious business and not the next hobbys team, I may consider to join. I'm mostly in graphics programming, junior for AAA industry but I'm not beginner, I'm fluent in C++, graphics library etc..
I'm also interested in other position not necessarily graphics or game-realted, but I prefer C++ in Windows environment if possible, WIn32, MFC etc.
Feel free to drop me a line for any questions.

Thanks for your time,