1) Project Details: Offering any kind of script making , creating free host websites (if user pays , than site goes own domain) ( user can request designing website from me if needed (1$ maximum ) All types of presentations , flash scripts , javascripts.
Proffesional : Level 2 PHP (everything on website , not including MySql editing ) , HTML , JAVASCRIPT.
Setting in site : Games , music , images , chat services , register /login forms
User has to chose 1 element : Proffesional Images Making ,
Dropdown left-to-right menu's , redirect pages , advertising site
(eg. If user chose Redirect pages = free
if user choses Redirect pages and advertising site = 1$
if user choses Redirect pages , advertising site and Dropdown menu's =2$
if user choses all of the following elements = 3$

2) Payment method :Paypal

2) Payment details : Depending on what user decides to be done on his site goes bettwen 5-50$ (if premium site requested than more )
Or Site pay after one month of partnership 20-80$

If you are interested in any of these works please send me a message with your requests and i'll tell you how much that's gonna cost or if it's something small you get it free
By the way : If user requests all of the following project details get's 30% disscount of total amount that needs to be paid.
Thank you and good luck.