Web developer with around 8 years non-professional experience in web development.

-OOP (Object Oriented Programming)
-Some Javascript, some jQuery

As I said, I have no professional experience in web development, but I do have examples of projects I have completed, most of which are modifications for the popular open source phpBB bulletin board software, which can be found http://www.phpbb.com/customise/db/au...contributions/ (validated) --AND-- http://www.github.com/imkingdavid/ (in development).

I have experience working in a team if needed.
I have used SVN and Git version control systems.
I can both modify existing code to suit your needs or write new code. Note that in the latter case, I may use an existing framework for speed and security.

I am more experienced in the backend/functional side of web development than in the design side, but I know how to make a decent-looking website using CSS positioning (rather than HTML tables), and am always trying to improve my design skills.

Please email me at king.davidp at gmail, or PM me here, with project details and I will get back to you. I am open to short and long term jobs, as well as joining a team.

Payment Details:
PayPal is preferred.
For large or ongoing projects, I charge $20 (USD) per hour, 2 hour minimum, first hour up front.
For smaller projects, we can negotiate a reasonable price based on deadline/ETA, complexity, etc. 25% up front, remaining upon completion.