I'm a graphic designer. Due to increasing work in the web design side of things, I'm looking for a developer to partner with. I am experienced in HTML and CSS, as well as basic javascript, but my skills are becoming increasingly stretched, and I'd rather concentrate on the design side of things.

I will do the design on all projects. I'm looking for someone to assist in coding the site. Someone who I could hand over the back-end, or javascript, or even the whole site, depending on how I feel, and the size of the project. You'll need to be proficient in putting together all aspects of small-medium sized websites, from the back to front end. The more technologies you are proficient in, the better.

I am willing to pay reasonable prices for good work. I should be able to provide around 1 project a week. If things go well, that number could easily increase as I still don't actively market my web design skills.

If you are interested, PM me with some details.