Web Design:
If you need some experience and wish to volunteer this is your opportunity.
I will tell you more and give you website samples I have in mind.

I am looking for experienced PHP and MySQL Programmer to look at some websites with me.

I don't know much about programming.
There are few sample websites that we need to look at:
How they are set up?
How they operate?
What software they are using?
Things like that and take the best of their world and come up with an action plan for me.

If you are interested in helping me out I would appreciate it.

It should not take more than 1-2 hours of your time.

I will try to be as prepared as possible.

If this project goes smooth I will need actual programming done and I am willing to pay for that.

Basically, I need help in Advice, Planning, Guiding, Tutoring, Mentoring, Coding, Starting website.

P.S. I own 4 websites so I know a little but need to take it to the next level.