My website has been up for about two years. The basis of the site is to be a web magazine that is focused on entertainment news, fashion trends, new music, technology, health and finance. The second part of the website is to be an interactive social medium. The last part is to be a web browser.,,, and Google wrapped up in one interactive virtual wordpress website. Slick and clean design. I want to draw advertising dollars to the site easily.

What I am offering in return?

15% of the advertisement sales for for the next 5 years.

I know this sounds like a lot and I possibly may have left out some things. I know working for free is boring, but if you could see my vision for what I think would be something incredible, it would be well worth the time. We are a positive webmagazine that focuses on credible and relevant news. Although positivity is not popular these days, I want to show the world that we can change that, with a spin.

If anyone is interested in this, please go to or and take a look at what I have so far. With the implementation of the new tools I want to add, I can change the demographic of the site to make it more user friendly and to more users.

Thank you.