Dear Sir or Madam,

We are a professional team which has been working together for 5 years in Zhitomir (Ukraine) for international companies in the field of software development.

There are a lot of IT companies in Ukraine and our country has a big potential and many experienced IT developers and testers. There are many possibilities to grow software business here.

- Our main advantages are highly educated and experienced
programmers, professional managers, competitive costs, and personal approach to every partner.

- Technologies used by our team are .NET development (C#, Visual Basic, ASP), Delphi, PHP, C, C++, Visual Basic, Database (MySQL, MSSQL), software development for PDA and other. All our developers know English.

- Our experienced managers created companies from "zero" till needed number of people and managed, controlled the business process of the company representation (jurisprudence, accountancy, management, creation of report documentation, office, equipment, etc. ). Our wide experience in staff recruitment gives us the opportunity to create effectively-working and friendly teams of required specialists. These
groups don't have fluctuation of personnel that proves the right motivation method of workers.

Our prices can be from 15-20$ per hour, including all expenses. We are open to discuss different variants of cooperation in order to find profitable conditions for collaboration with you.

We are currently working with companies from USA, in case of Your interest we can give you direct connections to our customers.

Our contact data:
phone : +380 932 928 637
skype: petr.belikx

Best regards,