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    Willing To Work For Free

    Hi everyone~
    I'm looking to work for free, yes free of charge.
    But I'm not working for just any website, there are some requirement.

    I'm a very socialize person, and currently 16 year of age, I have a lot of experiences with avatar based forum, I'm a very active type of person who is online a lot most of the time and very good at assisting peoples.

    I'm interested in site that are,

    1. Fun
    2. Friendly, Good benefit for me as well as good experiences
    3. Game Site Are Awesome and I would love to help you with the forum and such.
    4. I'm interested in being an assistant admin who answer user questions and help guide people around the site or game.
    5. I'm also interested in site like virtual world, avatar based forum.
    6. I'm mainly interested in a site that is cute and fun ... maybe a forum?

    I am also an artist, I can draw and animate my art. I'm more of a cartoon artist, anime, chibi...
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    Dear, I suggest you join some legitimate online business sites like servana to gather more job inquiries. You seem to have good social networking experience. This could be a plus point as sites like Facebook, Twitter are getting huge hits. You can also make decent money as you progress. My signature could definitely help.
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    I sent you a message. If you did not get it, please send me a message on email.

    Its a gaming community I am looking to get going in terms of quick explanation.

    23 years old with lots of connections to companies, sponsors, and other professional gamers.

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    I am looking for someone to work on a Flash and Non Flash website

    The site is 10 pages in total and including blogs, forums and video viewing

    Brodie Productions is a television production company that creates programs based on current trends for local and international markets. In repayment for your services, we can you offer you greater exposure with new networks and future work. We guarantee that all your hard work will be directed credited to yourself and ideally we hope you will end up being a lasting member of Brodie Productions

    We can also help you to find you work in the storyboarding and concept art if you are interested.

    Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions



    Becca Prakasham
    Production Coordinator

    Brodie Productions
    e: becca@brodieproductions.com.au


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