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Thread: Coding Lessons

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    Smile Coding Lessons

    I am happy to say that I am giving coding lessons.
    I have been doing HTML, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript altogether for about three years.
    I have coded RevolutionBB (Which currently isn't up at the moment) with pure HTML, PHP, MySQL, and Javascript.
    I am home schooled which will allow me to have plenty of time to teach you these languages.
    I usually get done with school in approx 1.5 hours through Tuesday-Friday.
    I will take all the time I need to let you master PHP and to be able to know it enough to make a forum.
    Also, I can make you a custom forum software ranging from $600-$800 by only myself.
    I can get it done exactly how you want within 4-5 months.
    (If you want to get a special deal on any of my lessons, please add me on msn: dfraz96@msn.com)

    Here is what I do:
    PHP - Variables
    PHP - Syntax
    PHP - If/Else
    PHP - Comments
    PHP - Echo
    PHP - Strings
    PHP - Operators
    PHP - Require
    PHP - Include
    PHP - Elseif
    PHP - Switch
    PHP - Functions
    PHP - Arrays
    PHP - While Loop
    PHP - For Loop
    PHP - Do While
    PHP - Post & Get
    PHP - Magic Quotes
    PHP - Html entities
    PHP - File Create
    PHP - File Delete
    PHP - File Append
    PHP - Close
    PHP - File Open
    PHP - File Write
    PHP - File Truncate
    PHP - File Upload
    PHP - Strpos
    PHP - String Replace (str_replace)
    PHP - Sub String Replace (substr_replace)
    PHP - Explode
    PHP - Implode
    PHP - Date
    PHP - Session
    PHP - Cookies
    As for MySQL:
    MySQL - Setup
    MySQL - Phpmyadmin
    MySQL - Database (How to set it up included)
    MySQL - Syntax
    MySQL - Connect
    MySQL - Create Table
    MySQL - Delete table
    MySQL - Update Table
    MySQL - Truncate Table
    MySQL - Insert into Table
    MySQL - Queries
    MySQL - Fetch Array
    MySQL - Select
    MySQL - Where
    MySQL - Order by
    MySQL - Backup
    MySQL - Group By
    MySQL - Count
    MySQL - Sum
    MySQL - Avg
    MySQL - Min
    MySQL - Max
    MySQL - SQL Injection
    MySQL - Date
    MySQL - Time
    MySQL - Index
    As for CSS & Javascript, I can teach you everything in those languages.
    I don't want to write it all down because it will take a long time.
    PHP - $100.00/one time!
    MySQL - $100.00/one time!
    Javascript - $100.00/one time!
    CSS - $100.00/one time!

    Yes, it's a bit too much if you wanted all languages.
    Which is why, if you buy all languages, I can teach you for only $370!
    You may say, why pay this much for some lessons you can get from other places?
    Because as I've stated before, I am home schooled and get done within 1.5 hours.
    I can simply come up and help you.
    Another reason, I teach you VIA MSN, Yahoo, or AIM.
    This way you can understand it right straight.
    When I first started, it took months to get what I was doing. I copied code from places, and never learned.
    I don't want this happening to you. Because it was not fun when I first started.

    So I would like to teach you and let you understand it.
    Please reply if interested.
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    What avenue will you be using to teach? Via email? IM? Phone call?

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    I will be teaching VIA MSN or Yahoo.

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    Good luck, but learning over IM is not exactly easy, you would be better off doing something where you can speak or write a book.
    jeremy - gnomeontherun
    Educated questions often get educated answers, and simple questions often get simple answers.

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    Now I teach it VIA my vBulletin forum.
    I've got threads in there teaching the languages.


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