Aptuitiv is looking for Web Design/Development companies to form partnerships with. We have a very powerful Content Management System called Aptuitiv Studio. You can find out more information here www.aptuitiv.com. We also have a youtube channel with some basic tutorials of the software, our channel is AptuitivStudioCMS

If you are just a designer, we have a very strong and experienced development team that can take your designs from concept to reality. With our powerful CMS driving the site your clients will be happy with the functionality you can provide.

If you are a developer, you can easily use Aptuitiv Studio to build you clients websites. We have powerful and easy to set up apps like blog, calendar, document manager, e-commerce, image and video gallery, slideshows, and much more.

We have a multi-tiered partner program with incentives for companies of all sizes. If you are interested please shoot me an email or send me a PM with your contact info. We look forward to hearing from all of you out there!