Hello to everyone,

We are a team of freelance software/web developers and we currently looking for projects.

We can be extremely helpful for:
- teams and/or individual developers, who is looking for subcontractors
- teams and/or individuals, who is looking to expand their business with reliable but low-cost development team (or person)
- teams and/or individuals, who has a project idea and looking for the way to implement it.

We finished more the 30 project in a past few years, most of them as subcontractors, that were related to:
- software components development (activex)
- desktop software developement (google sitemap generator, outlook contacts and events export/import software)
- e-commerce website development
- corporate application development (groupware and leads management)
- themes development for Wordpress, PHPLD, Magento, Drupal
- plugin development for Wordpress
- convert design to HTML layout...

We are experts in following technologies:
1. Microsoft .NET development with:
- C#
- SQL Server
- ASP.NET MVC Framework

2. LAMP platform development:
- Frameworks: Symfony, CodeIgniter, Zend

3. Web UI development:
- Javascript/AJAX (ext-js, jQuery)

If you intrested to hire us for your projects or to establish long term cooperation with us, please PM or visit our website

Thank you.