Our team consists of php programmers, web designers, writers and SEO consultants. Our hourly rate for programming projects is $10/hour and $8 for design projects.

As a team, we have developed a number of websites from the ground up using HTML, XHTML, CSS, Javascript and PHP. These are mostly sites for start-up companies and a number of personal sites. We do organic SEO and can do graphic designing as well. For samples of sites that we have done, please take a look at the following links:


Web/Graphic Designs (AdobePS CS2, HTML, CSS)
* Convention Site Template http://goingtomeet.com/
* Six Sigma Links Library http://dev23.lo7.net/link_farm/index.htm
* Riverbum.com Product Images http://riverbum.com/

Programming and Designing
* http://getdiabeticsupply.com/hearthealth/ - Scripts/Design(html, css)
* http://Getdiabeticsupply.com - Scripts (PHP / Mysql)/Design(html, css)
* http://fldev.wvr20.com/ - Design(html, css)
* http://tire-discounts.com - Scripts (PHP / Mysql)/Design(html, css)
* http://theirmusic.com/ - Music Site for (Musician, Industry Center, Gear Center, Artist Center, Classifieds, Artist Personal Website, Etc.)
* Diversity working website Browse Jobs section: http://diversityworking.com/browse/
* Global Vision Communications Website: http://www.globeviz.com/
* Urpalate http://www.urpalate.com/


* http://www.sustainableflooring.com
- Sustainable Flooring Site redesign
* http://virtulance.com/sf/bambooconnection/mock.php
- Bamboo Connection Site
* http://virtulance.com/sf/sustainablematerials/mock.php
- Sustainable Materials Site
* http://virtulance.com/sf/bamboomillwork
- Bamboo Millwork Site

Thank you and have a great day.

Please email me at jc at virtulance dot com.