Well, freelance business is somewhat tight right now and therefore I’m a little in need so I’d like to announce that I’ll gladly help you with any designing and/or (X)HTML and CSS related work, be it fixing a broken site, designing and coding a completely new one, coding/designing website templates or transforming designs into a working website, implementing a design in any CMS/blog… you name it!

My portfolio is showcasing a couple of sites/projects I’ve been working on. I also have basic knowledge of PHP and JavaScript/DOM so I’m able to work with that, too, and/or bring in ideas for the back-end guys. All my work is also focusing on getting the code as clean, semantic, and accessible as possible which helps in getting the sites a good search engine ranking and will definitely pay off when it comes to maintenance (will be a lot quicker and therefore cheaper then).

Oh yeah, the important part… my price. Well, my usual price is €30 per hour but since some people are paying in Dollars and the Dollar is a little weak at the moment that would curently be about $43 and I decided that I can’t put the blame on my potential clients so I’m reducing my price to €25 ($36) per hour. If a fixed project based price is preferred we can certainly negotiate and arrange that. Payment via PayPal is no problem at all.

So… I’d be happy to hear from you.

Cheers, Stephan.