Hi, I'm looking for talented coders to help with a hybrid Esport hosting/gambling site. I've seen sites similar to this pop up around the web but most of them lack diversity, and none that I've seen offer both services.

I believe that by merging the two, we would make a very profitable venture. I know a few people who'd advertise at little to no cost to a fairly large audience. Hell, if I play my cards right I might get them to pay us for the privilege.

But this is where we hit our first snag; while I'm a great businessman, I have very little coding experience. I can do simple things, like set up a chat bot or make a small game, but I don't think I could make an entire website solo.

I'm not 100% sure how big I want the project to be at this stage, I'll need to consult someone with more experience before making that decision. Payment will also depend upon this decision.

So, if you're interested, you can contact me via email here: [email protected] Skype here: Jarvis.Ambler or my Steam profile here: Steam Community :: NotASnowman | kickback.com