Hello, i would like to make a CS:GO jackpot site like these: https://csgojackpot.com/ , https://csgoshuffle.com/ , https://skinarena.com/

I don't know anything about how to do the system, or how i needs to be coode and how to make the bots.
I don't know how to design the website either, so i pretty much don't know anything, so im not really
expecting someone to help me.

I need 1 that know how to make the site work, it works like this:
1. User deposit there skins to bots inventory (User cann max deposit 15 skins and must deposit atleast 0.01$, if he deposit les the 0.01$ or over 15skins bot shall cancel trade! Only CS:GO skins allowed to bet)
2. Bot accepts trade and put there skin(s) on the site's currennt jackpot, untill it hits 50 skins, or timer hits 0 (needs to start at 3)
3. The user get's a % of winning and when the jackpot it hits 50 skins, or timer hits 0, a RANDOM winner will be chosen (ofcourse will a user with higer % have a better chance, but a 2% would still be able to win)
4. All users that have deposited a skin, there picture will be placed in a spinning slider, that stops at the chose winners picture as on " https://csgoshuffle.com/ "
4. Bot send his skins + winnings as a tradeoffer to the winnner of the round - 5% fees as we take to the site.
5. A new jackpot opens, and it all repeats again.

You will ask what you get out of it?
I only have one bot at the moment, so I'm guessing we split the skins we will get (50/50) or you get the more % since you pretty much made the whole website.
Let me know if you will try make a site like this with me!
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Have a nice day!
(I don't know if this is the right place to ask, i'm new on the forum, if not let me know and i'll remove it THANKS)