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    Seeking Developer for Viral Project

    I'm working on a project that has huge possibilities. This is one of a kind idea in a market with little to no direct competition. I am seeking someone that has past experience in projects that required custom programming with the following:

    PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS and javascript combo, ASP + SQL server or java + postgresql.

    * Design skills are a plus so I don't have to go looking for a full time designer as well. I am going to offer one of two proposals for you:

    1. I can offer a partnership where you will earn a percentage of profits and have equity in the company.

    2. I can offer you a full time position as the head tech and programmer for my company and eventually have your own team.

    I rather go route 1 but will go route 2 if I have to. I think it is in your better favor to go with having equity in the company and being apart of something big and viral.

    Please send me portfolios or past projects you have been apart of. I am excited to see the talent and creativity. That is what it takes to make it big in online ventures!

    My backround:

    I am a college student that is a business major with years of marketing experience. I am an entreprenuer and am full million dollar ideas. I came up with a simple idea that could revolutionize the way college students live and the businesses around them will benefit greatly.
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    If this is a huge project then you should have big budget for this. Million dollars idea require investment so let me know if you are willing to spend money. I am a team of professional developers and designers and can do work on any custom business application and website. But I will work on fixed price.


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