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    Cool Sports Simulation Game

    1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):
    ok so Name: Silver Pitch Sevens

    Project type: Browser based game.

    So im basically looking to build a team to assist on making this project a reality.
    so what is it really? Its a browser based game that seeks to model a sports simulation game, such as the likes of www.hattrick.com , www.battrick.com , www.blackoutrugby.com. The specialtiy of this game is that it seeks to model the sevens side of the game of rugby. Basically rugby is divide into two, 15 players and 7 players.
    A user would be able to mange their team to glory.
    Their exists alot of browser management game but not of this kind. Only one seeks to mimic rugby.
    It would have several features from a realistic match engine, 3D matches, ,informational apps, squad management e.t.c
    I am a pro coder myself, and have extensive knoledge in this field, but i realized id need help on this;
    What im a looking for?

    1. a coder(2 or three if possible), preferably good in php and java
    - The thing is, if im to hit the market i plan to hit it with various products, as is seen in the above mentioned websites, each have two products in the market, e.g blackoutrugby and blackoutcricket(still under development). so if you got a good idea of something that revolves around the world of browser gaming e.g browser RPG and would like to make it a reality, pm me or email me, we can work on it.... (im not sure if this this goes against the rule of NO SELF PROMOTION, ) sorry if so...
    Specifics? Il not go much into that here, but you are free to pm me with any questions.
    Id like to apologize to the mods just incase it happens i posted in the wrong sub forum. Im still a new kid in the hood.

    2) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): 50% 50% ( money is not really my motivator, accomplishment is, and i love coding)cut.. After server expenses have been paid for.
    Source of income: User premiums and ads, merchandise selling such as game shirts.
    Silver Pitch Entertainment is the compamny name, SilverPitchSevens is the game name..

    Email/pm me/post here for any questions, comments, compliments or criticism..
    email: silverpitch.ent@gmail.com

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    New to the CF scene
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    May 2013
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    We have perfect guys who may help you in making your project complete!
    Please contact me at partnership@inp-software.com for more information!
    Best regards,
    Igor Dudar


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