Hello, my name is Aaron, I am posting here to recruit a team to develop a new space strategy game. Let me tell you a little bit about it:

The game's name is Explurse. Explurse is a space strategy & empire builder based in the browser. It can be compared to the games "Astro Empires" and "O-Game" although, this is a step above the others.

The basic idea of the game is that players start out with their own planet. They can build structures, research technologies, and build up massive fleets to conquer their enemies. That's basically how all games of this genre work, so what makes Explurse better?

In the other games, there are multiple planet types represented by a 2D picture, this picture is repeated tens of thousands of times. In Explurse, planets will be proceduraly generated and in 3D, meaning that no planets, moon, asteroid, or as giant will ever look the same. They will all be unique.

Another thing about the other games is how structures impact a player's empire. Typically, you build a structure by simply clicking "Build" and waiting for that structure to be finished. Most games use a leveling-based system where you start with a level 1 structure, and go to level 2, and then 3, and then 4 and so on. With each level, the amount of time it takes to build the next level increases, along with the price. Eventually, structure may begin taking thousands of hours to complete. I know because I'm waiting 5500 hours for a level 17 Jumpgate to be finished. This is also applied to technologies.

In Explurse, some structure level up, while others don't. Unlike other games, the structures in Explurse do not directly effect your empire, instead, population does. You assign population to various areas, such as Construction, Production, and Mining. The more population you have assigned to each field, the greater impact it will have on that field. Structures simply allow you to assign more population to each field. There is also multiple types of population. Standard population can be used in construction, production, and mining. Scientist are used for Research. Standard population is converted into Scientist with the "University" structure. Another type of population is Infantry. Infantry is a combat unit. Standard population is converted into Infantry with the "Recruitment Center" structure. The last type of population is actually "Androids". Androids are produced with the "Android Factory" structure. Androids can only be used for construction and mining, but offer greater output then standard population.

All population except for Androids and Infantry consume "Goods" ever day. 1 population consumes 1 Good every 24 hours. Goods are made with the "Good Production Plant'

Unlike games that have their own form of population, population can not be added by any means. population grows or dies depending on a few factors. The first factor is space, "Urban Structures" increases the amount of population a planet can hold, again, it does not directly add population, only allows for more to exist. The next factor is if there is a disease present on the planet or not. If there is a disease, it will stop population growth and slowly kill the existing population. Diseases can be prevented/stopped by building adequate amounts of "Health Clinics". Each Health Clinic built protects a portion of your population from diseases.

Up next I will talk about weather. Planets in Explurse have seasons depending on the type of planet. Weather has an impact on population, and ground units. Winter increases the chances of a disease spreading, but also the speed at which it spreads. Winter can also destroy ground units that do not have the proper gear to exist in the conditions. This is inspired from WW2, where the Germans were unprepared for the harsh winter conditions of western Russia. Other weather, such as lighting, has no impact at all.

As mentioned before, planets will be 3D, meaning that clouds, lightning, sand storms and other weather will be visible to the player in real-time. The player will be able to see lightning rips across his planet's skies, or watch as sand storms engulf the enemy's forces.

I believe that making the all the planets unique will create a sort of attachment between the player and his plant. Don't laugh, I'm serious. In other game such as Evony, players will go to extreme lengths to protect their militaries, including spending their entire paycheck every month to buy in-game items. I have known SEVERAL people who have done this.

Explurse re-thinks everything done previously in the genre. With many of the other games, you get rules such as no currency-transfer, which does not allow you to send another player in the game resources or credits. This is to stop players from abusing such a feature with multi-accounts, I believe that I have found a way to prevent players from abusing the feature.

Many of the other games of this type, actually, all the ones that I've seen do not allow a player to take another player's base. There is understandable reasoning behind this, but that reasoning does not apply to Explurse. Explurse is different. Players WILL be able to conquer other player's bases, but it's truly not as simple as that.

Planets in Explurse are divided up into "Zones". Zones are in the shape of a hexagon, and laid out in a pattern seen on a soccer zone. When a player colonizes a planet, every zone on that planet (or moon) will belong to him. These zones can be taken from him however. To conquer a planet in Explurse, the attacker must first destroy the defender's fleet in orbit above the planet, as well as the orbital defenses. Next, he must choose a zone to invade. This first zone he chooses is crucial, as it will be his "beach head". Once he has chosen a zone, he must launch ground units at it (Tanks, mechs, ect..)d destroy all defending units. Once he has done this, the zone will belong to him. Once he actually owns that zone, ALL future ground units he sends to the planet will be placed in that zone.

The attacker may only attack the zones connected to his captured zones. This is to prevent him from attacking all zones at once and capturing the planet within minutes. With this system, it will take between 12-15 hours to conquer a planet, and that is assuming that he wins every battle. This gives the defending player enough time to log on and defend his planet. Even if the defender is not able to log on within that time, all hope is not lost, an alert beacon will be sent out to his "guild" alerting them that the planet is being invaded. They may send reinforcements and engage in ground battles as well.

The defender is going to be given several advantages, the first is quite significant. When a planet is under invasion, the defender's recruitment centers work at 600% the normal rate. This is to simulate a native population defending their home. Ground battles are not won with numbers, they are won with tactics. A small defending army CAN beat back an enemy in overwhelming numbers if the defender knows what he is doing. The defending player knows his planet, he can begin to expect when certain weather will come around, and he can use that to his advantage.

For every Zone the defender loses, he loses 5% of his production capacities. The defender may fortify his zones with "Deployable structures" Deployable structures are things like laser turrets, shield generators, barriers, ect... They are strictly defensive structures, you can only set them up in zones you own. The player may also set up 1 stealth field generator per zone. This will hide his units, as well as allied units, from being able to be seen by the attacker. The attacker may also set these up in zones he has captured.

The Economy

In Explurse, there will be hundreds of resources and minerals. The most common ones will be found on all planets, but most of them will only be available through mining Asteroids. Mining on planets and mining Asteroids is a very different process, but I'll start with planets.

Mining on a planet is a 3 step process. You start by building Mines, the resources you extract from the mines are Raw Ore, you store the ore until a Refinery refines it. Refineries have a limit on how much Raw Ore they can refine, so the additional Raw Ore not being refined is stored. If a player's storage fills up, mining will stop, and will not come back on for 12 hours. You do not want this to happen. It's about balancing Mining and Refining capacities. Once Refined, the minerals will be stored in a "Regional Bank" where they may be used on any planet in the "region" that belongs to that player.

Next is Asteroid mining. Explurse will have generated Asteroid Fields that can contain many different types of resources based on the Asteroid Field's level. A higher level Asteroid Field will contain the less common, but also more valuable minerals. A player must first establish a "Mining Operation" at the site of the Asteroid Field. He may only do this on unclaimed Asteroid Fields. A "Mining operation" is almost like a base, but works much differently. A Mining operation depends on a system of ships to operate. These ships are not like the other ships in the game, as they may only exist within the Mining Operation. There are the Mining Ships, and Haulers, but there are also other structures that are required to keep the Mining operation going. These are Orbital Storage Facilities, and Orbital Refineries.

The Mining Operation's mining and refining capacities are determined by the type of resource being mined and the level of the Mining Operation. You can upgrade a Mining Operation up to level 5.

Mining Operations will take work to manage, things can go wrong, which could stop the entire operation. It is the player's job to fix the problem and get the operation going again.

Next I'll talk about how resources are used.
Common minerals will be used to produce the most basic of structures and ships, when setting something into production, you do not pay the full cost of that production order right away, but rather small amounts over a long period. Let's say that your base's production capacity is 10,000. You have a single production order being made, and that production order cost 50,000 minerals. This means that production order will take 5 hours to complete. Now let's say that you order the construction of a new structure. The structure also cost 50,000 resources. What happens? The amount of resources flowing to the production order drops to 5,000 per hour, and the construction order gets the 5,000. This means that both structures will now take 10 hours to complete.

The economy in Explurse is about balancing production and income. The more resources your getting the more you can produce, and the more production capacity your base has, the FASTER you can produce.

All minerals mined, or collected within a region will go to the player's "Regional Bank". A regional Bank is where all the resources produced in a single region are sent for each player. Each player in a region has his own bank. Is a player has 4 bases in a single region, then all minerals mined from that region are sent to the bank, where they are then distributed to each base depending on the production orders and construction orders of that base.

Next, I'll be talking about Unit customization.

In many games, players are given a list of units that can build. This is usually around 15-20 units. They slowly unlock each unit by meeting the requirements for each of them. In Explurse, we will provide a basic list of units that the player can unlock.... just like in other games, what's different though is that they will be able to design their own units.

When designing a new ship, players will:
  1. Choose a ship type
  2. Choose a Hull type
  3. Choose a "Drive"
  4. Choose weapon types
  5. Choose Shielding

Additional steps are included based on the ship type chosen. The design process for Ground units is slightly different, but follows the same idea. Players will design their ships part-by-part. There will be hundreds of parts, and hundreds of "Skills" to use those parts.

What are skills? Skills are an addition to research. While research "Missiles" improves missile weapons for all ships, training missiles for a specific ship will unlock new parts.

That's all that I'm going to say about the game's concept for now, but I think I have given everyone a pretty god idea at what we're trying to achieve here.

Now, onto the development plan:

The plan is to develop Explurse in 10 "Rounds". Each Round we will add new features and further balance the game. We will have 50 testers or more for each round. The first 4 rounds should only take about 2 weeks each, they are the simple rounds. The other rounds may take up to a month each. We plan on dividing the development team up into smaller teams. 2 programmers makes a team. Team #1 will be responsible for Developing Rounds #1, 3, 5, 7, and 9 while team 2 will be responsible for developing rounds #2, 4, 6, 8, and 10. After completing a round, each the team will receive a 2 week -1 month break, in that time the other team will develop the next round. As the team grows, each smaller team may grow, or we make create new team entirely.

Each team's break length will be determined by the progress of the other team. If a round is taking longer then expected, then the team on break may need to assist in the development of that round.

Teams will be formed based on location and times that you are available. We understand that people have jobs and lifes that they wan to live. This is a flexible development plan to compensate for that.

We are making this with HTML5, Javascropt, and Web GL.

What we expect:
Joining the team means completing all task on time, and remaining in daily contact with the "Director". We will also have weekly team meetings on Skype to discuss progress, ideas, and other things that come up.


At this time we are in the very early stages of development, no one funds an idea. We are looking at several possibilities for funding but do not actually need funding at this time.

All programmers will OWN a portion of Explurse once completed as long as they continue to complete task on time and remain a productive member of the team.

How to join:

If you are interested in joining the team, or want additional information I may not have covered here, then send me an email at: worldwar224@gmail.com will most likely not reply to any messages sent to me on THIS SITE, but I check my email daily, and will respond quickly there.

Thank you,