Hello guys 1panda80 here!
I have a game idea and I will actually attempt to make and distribute it!
The games basis is an old western, 8 bit graphics, multiplayer shooter/sidescroller shooter.

For an idea of what graphics and game mechanics might be implemented heres a game by adult swim I highly recommend:
Its called westerado and you play as a pixel cowboy in search of his families murderer.

Anyways to my idea:
Multiplayer game in which people play competitively in matches like free for all, Objective based, and team shootouts.
Game feature ideas(may not be included in the end of development) include:
-Ranking system with unlockables.
-Customizable cowboy look
-Unlockable weapons and upgrades
-Player blessing(An effect the player will have during a match. EX: Loot ammo off of dead players.)
-Multiple maps and game modes for different team sizes.
-A highscore list with top players.
-Possibly a single player and co-op mode.
-Gang management(A gang is like a clan)
-Gang battles for Honor(honor will be xp gained to give you different blessings to choose from)
-Automated tournament shootout for honor and gold
-Ability to take cover behind objects on the map and peek out to shoot.

*Again all of these are just ideas to be implemented.*

So thats a quick rundown of the game and some of my ideas for features.
I am familiar with basic java language and minor flash experience(highschool class)
Game will be made client sided only(to start) in c++
I would be willing to learn a language completely for this project!

If you can help me at all or have any ideas to contribute then leave a comment!
I have a lead programmer but I plan on having 2-3 programmers on the team. 2 graphic designers(sprite and background+gfx creation)
Pays can be discussed. Email me if interested @ sammy.hoggard@yahoo.com