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    WTB carrier script..

    Could you give me for this offer...

    1- features we want in php-based script for online casting agency. (HR + CV + Carrier)

    2- Both user types (companies and people who is looking for a job) can leave adverts with both registertation types (free and paid)

    3- Jobseekers and employers can change their membership status (VIP, Gold, Platinium, Etc.)

    4- Jobseekers and employers can manage their administration panels and panel should be user-friendly

    5- Jobseeker administration panel should include detailed CV and video CV function

    6- Jobseekers will be able to create an URL for their own CVs (like example.com/userprofile000xxx)

    7- Free job postings will be needed an admin permission

    8- Employer and Jobseeker login and registeration screens will be seperated from each other

    9- Adding option sections should be editeable

    10- There will be “special adverts” section

    11- There’ll be a “Searc” option in mainpage but it needs to be changeable

    12- There’ll be a a banner space for company introductions and it needs to be changeable editeable for contents

    13- Jobseekers will be able to add files like word, excel

    14- There will be a number of different payment methods than regular ones (moneybookers, paypal, etc) like online credit card usage

    15- There will be CAPTCHA for logins

    16- Jobseekers will be able to add unlimited referance and max 10 CVs can be added

    17- Both Jobseekers and Employers can categorize and able to block each other

    18- Theme of the website will be proper to a casting agency

    19- There will be an admin panel which can allow to manage everything easily

    20- System shoul have the option for having ads and managing ads

    21- Whole system needs manageable, addable, removable option modules and components for later on

    mail. ahmedkemal @ g mail (dot) com

    Payment method: Paypal or Online payment.

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    Seems like this could be easily done in a forum based website. If you dont mind this, i could help out with this project fairly easily!

    Contact me by any method below and i'll be glad to help!
    Jonathan R.
    Email: jonathan@logicaldevelopment.net
    Skype, Aim, & Jabber: logicaldevelopment
    Website: http://logicaldevelopment.net/

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    Thread ID (This can be found in the URL of your thread)
    Budget of Project
    Methods of contacting you/your organization
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