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    Looking for Large Projects


    I am currently seeking large projects.

    I have worked on many complex projects including writing software to scrape data from different websites, writing optimised mysql databases and queries, multi – server memory sharing and caching applications, data merging scripts, spell checkers and some very large dynamic websites; many of which are based on WordPress with heavy customisation (without actually modifying any core functionality of the system). I have worked with Joomla in the past although I find the system very slow and heavy to work with, hence why I primarily chose to work with wordpress when developing websites quickly.

    I work constantly with web designers, converting Photoshop designs into fully functional and cross browser compliant CSS and XHTML layouts. I generally create a layout by manually coding as this gives me complete control over the page functionality; typically 4 hours work to build a fairly complex layout…although we all know how much of a pain Internet Explorer can be, I have worked to overcome many issues faced with the browser including the ability to enable some CSS 3 features which the browser does not (still) currently natively support.

    I enjoy problem solving in my work and have a keen eye for code and finding and solving issues. My skills and experience are not limited, I love to learn new things and welcome a challenge. My day to day experience includes the following areas:

    XHTML (Mostly I work in Transitional)
    CSS 2/3
    Advanced PHP including OOP and MVC
    Advanced MySql
    JavaScript and jQuery
    AJAX, Ajax
    Flash Actionscript
    Smarty Template Engine
    Most open source forum scripts including PHPBB

    Experience coding with security in mind to prevent such attacks as MySql injection and XSS (Cross-Site Scripting).

    All of my code is well structured, commented, optimised for speed, reliability, security and open to future expansion.

    I am looking for opportunities where I can work and keep up regular contact via email, phone and possible regular meetings (depending on location). I have been working for years internationally and I don’t believe working over the internet to be of any problem.

    Please PM me or contact via email: thewebsolutionprovider@gmail.com

    Web: http://thewebsolutionprovider.com

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    This is probably the fourth time that someone will be moving your post to the "Looking for Projects" section. Do obey forum rules.


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