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    CSS Coder Required for Social Network


    Me and a Friend are discussing creating a Social Networking site. We know little HTML, but I do have a HTML book at hand. Obviously it will require MySQL, PHP etc. For now though my role is to get the front page done. With login and register boxes. We have not yet come up with a name, as we will do this last. We are looking for many people to help us create a new better Social Networking site. To start with it'll be simple but we want to go viral and better than Facebook. We need lots of people behind us, and if you're interested and you think you can be of help in any way at all then let me know by commenting / posting below. I also need some help with the front page, and will need help along the way. Everyone will be accepted, provided that you're trustworthy and can prove you can do some sort of coding to make this good. We're looking to have a social network where you can add others, message, chat etc. Similar to Facebook, but with a few differences too. I will reply ASAP to anyone who comments as we want to get the ball rolling. So if you're interested, post below! Payment WON'T be available as this will be a hobby - if it becomes big enough we will pay everyone who has worked on the project! Help is required to get this to happen. If you feel you could help in ANY way comment!! We want to get this to happen. The front page is being created, but need people to help make Register Forms etc
    That is the original post that was posted. We are looking for a CSS Developer to help create the templates/themes for the Social Network. There is money involved, so long as the work is done and the Social Network actually makes money. This is a hobby - but we hope to turn it to make money. If you're interested then "Reply". It would help if you could start today we are ready. Let me know!

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    Hi there, are you still interested in getting this developed? My company has built hundreds of social networks in our time although they are starting to drop off in popularity and anything coupon related is now the big thing.

    The latest website we've done is alanimus.com which is a SN for lawyers.

    We've got designers and CSS coders ready to come up with a design and integrate it in to your site.




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