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    Online Gaming Ladder Website


    I am looking for someone to design, code, and complete a Online gaming ladder web site. With the latest generations of gaming consoles people have been looking for new ways to compete and new challenges to test there skills against other games. This generation has been given the mind set that they are the best and that they can do anything. In the world of gamers this has given this generation the urge to test this notion and try to prove it.

    What I attend to do is give them another chance to do this with a online gaming web site. Sadly though I do not have the skills to design and code what I would like to make so I have to look to others to help me build my site.

    What I am looking to build is a online gaming ladder site that can host ladders for the latest games as well as paid tournaments for different games as they come out. Below I will list some of the functions that I am looking for the site to have but in order to get a true Idea of what I am going for it is best to view the site game battles . comwhich is currently the leader in the online gaming scene.

    In order for the site to be successful I need a professional looking site with at list the features that most of the users from that site have grown use to in order to make there experience at the site I wish to build easy for them to learn.

    Some of the features I need are

    A Ladder system where players can make a team, find matches, and post match challenges via a match making system.

    Team and Player stat tracking. Keeps track of team wins as well as what team players have been in, in the past and there old team records. As well as team to change and update logo.

    A Ladder page that shows the top ranked team on the ladder, as well as a team and player page where people can view a teams record then see the record and past teams of the player from that team.

    A support system with ticket support and Live support help where users running into issues can contact staff and get support live, or file a ticket that admins can view and respond to matches.

    A Tournament bracket system that is set up for tournament events.

    A store set up through pay pal where players can purchase credits to enter tournaments. And use there purchased credits to enter the Tournament.

    Player profiles where the player can upload pictures to there profile, send private msgs to other players and team invites as well as tickets they submitted.

    Forums and Forum Layout that matches the site and uses one user log on to access control of the site.

    Admin functions built in for different user levels with control to forums, ladders, and tournaments.

    A video section for Site to upload highlight clips from different ladders, as well as a section of the site that streams live video from sites such as Justin.tv. The live video section will be used for admins to stream live video from there pc to the site.

    Now this list is just the things off the top of my head. Like I said I need to have most of the features that game battles.com has since it will be my number one competition.
    Now as for the ladder coding I have found some programs when I was doing research to make a site on my own that might be able to be used and make the ladder functions easier on the programmer.

    I have heard this one is the one that I think game battles is based off.

    The others are


    I do not know if one of these could be used or if it would be better to design one from the ground up, or which one of these would be the best to use.

    I do not know a lot about coding, I know enough HTML to make a old pre frame page so I need the website to be easy enough for me to maintain as well as update. I want the site to look fresh, clean, and professional.

    So please contact me with a Quote on pricing, and feel free to contact me.

    MSN - Triso@live.com
    Skype - pjoxendine

    Budget- 500-650$
    Payment - 30% through paypal before project start rest once project completed.
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    Updated what I am looking for.

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    I am interested in your project. I have written you a letter at your email. Hope you will contact soon


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