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    Upgrade of existing site: HTML/CSS/PHP/mySQL,... -$1000+

    1) Project Details: (be as specific as possible):
    - www.betsexperts.com - is site that should be made
    Features of the site that exist at the moment:
    - members registration form + database
    - article writing, editing, preview, categories (w/e/p) + database
    - comments approval, edit, delete
    - keywords writing, editing
    - images (upload, add to category, edit, delete)
    - rating system
    I'm not alone in this project, I have my marketing manager, and designer.
    Site is very complex, it is complete CMS with admin panel. We did take programmer for this project, but it turns out that he has no organization skills at all, and he broke deal with all deadlines he made. I'm very skeptical about all this but I had to try and see what you offer.
    Programmer that we had made great job, but he made it way to slow. There is chance that we talk to him to be in cooperation with you so you can continue his work, he might be coach for little while, cause he has knowledge but has no time.
    Basically, we are looking for someone to upgrade site on existing code.
    We have need of dynamic articles, example:
    - if I do review of other sites, I want global article to have list of all sites that I reviewed and all current scores (that can change in future, so will article have to change), that part will be made for articles and reviews, but I will need similar stuff elsewhere
    At the moment I don't have specification what needs to be done, and I can and will make an (as text or audio, video document) with all requests, after we pick someone to do it.
    What I offer here is almost full time job. And if project breaks through and is finished completely as we requested, we will have other projects for you.
    What I really want is somebody who can organize well and completely fulfill our requests in deadline that we agree together.

    2) Payment Amount: $1000 + (probably split up in few smaller payments as tasks are finished ..)

    3) Payment method/ details (Paypal, check? Timeline?): Moneybookers, Paypal

    4) Additional Info (about project or potential bidders): looking for someone advanced in PHP/mySQL but also in CSS/HTML, I'm not even sure what people should know, I will decide who will I take after chat only, I want to see what have you done so far, I want to see how much would some "plug ins" cost that you would make for this site, and after chat I will decide, and probably make smaller task for start, after I see that bidder is actually capable of making all other request, adventure starts ...
    Site already generates profit, so sooner somebody finish job, more work will be spread and thus more money could be earned.

    You can contact me over:
    skype: kova_zg
    msn: kova.zg@live.com

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    I didn't expect so many people, firms to reply to this thread. Thanks to all.

    For all that will contact me in future and all that did.

    Till Friday I will make all listed:

    - documentation, specification what has to be done
    - with some info what was used till now
    - with FTP login to see everything your self
    - with request for cost and deadline ...

    Then in day or two after Friday we will decide who will work with us...


    Site is very complex, and my request here on forum is not complete, cause there is so many things that it is hard to explain what we need.
    Even after day of writing down I'm not happy with how it looks, and I will be more specific and detailed.

    Thanks to all one more time.

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    Don't post any FTP login details.


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