The three project boards offered in this forum are intended to be separated by size of project, and not necessarily by budget. In general, projects should be placed in the appropriate forum based on the size (i.e. estimated time) it would take to complete. Some examples are below...

  • Small Projects - Usually simple modifications or quick fixes to an existing site or minor help with a site or project. Examples might include: Trouble with site layout, adding a new page to the site or setting up a contact form.
  • Medium Projects - This forum would contain projects that need several hours of work to complete or more extensive help than what could be accomplished in an hour. Examples might include: Help installing and configuring a forum, help debugging an existing script or page, making the HTML from a PSD or a similar in scope project.
  • Large Projects - This board is intended for large projects ranging from complete site design and development to full on data integration, custom shopping cart, and other custom application development. Usually a project posted in this forum will be a significant investment in time from a developer and will require a significant investment in money from the client.

If you post a project in these boards, you should try to adhere to the guidelines above. A moderator may, at their discretion, move, edit or delete a post or thread if they feel it is not in the appropriate category.

If you are unsure about where to post, you may post in the Unknown sized projects (request quote) forum or contact a moderator of these forums.