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    hiding viewing tables

    ok, I appologise for my lack of knowledge, I have never spent any time learning javascript until now when I need to use it in my php scripts, so this is where im starting...

    I would like to have a link:
    <a href="#">telephone</a>

    and when clicked a table appears below the link, I know this has been asked before, I read the post, but I couldnt seem to get my code to work when tring to make whole tables or just <tr> tags appear and disappear when clicked again.

    I dont want the table to take up any sapce when it isnt visable either.

    I know someone will have a script hopefully similar to what I would like, please just post it, ill try and get it to work and work out how it works, also might ask few questions about it. If anyone can help thanks
    Jason Morjaria

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    Clik on Search This Forum link, type what you are looking for...

    Or click: http://codingforums.com/forumdisplay...to_forumsearch
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