i have a problem to ask..i'm not sure where to post this question but i just try my luck here..

i did some coding where i included checked box when each of the data in the database exist. the code is like:

foreach($row_descp5 as $field_descp5)
print("<td><input type='checkbox' name='checkbox1' value='checkbox' onSelect='mychecked'></td>");
print("<td> $rloc5 </td> <td> $rtype5 </td> <td> $rdept5 </td> <td> $rlevel5 </td> <td> $field_descp5 </td>");
print "</tr>";



my problem is that i want to create a function where when i ticked the checked box, a new page which is an application form will be displayed based on the required $dept.this is because when user clicks the job that they prefer for e.g finance department, the application form will be saved in a folder named finance in the database. is this possible?..i have been trying to solve this problem but can't get through. can anyone help me?..pleaseee ..i'm stuck here