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    Opening an IE window on monitor 2

    Hey guys, I've got an elearning thing i am trying to do where I want to open up 2 ie windows, both full screen mode aka kiosk mode?, on a dual monitor computer.

    so for instance: a window with training material opens full screen(no title bar, status bar nothing) on left and a test opens full screen on right

    Everytime i try to move the window to monitor 2 and set it to fullscreen=1 it moves it back to monitor 1.

    Any help would be much apprectiatied
    Thanks in advance

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    My guess would be that because a fullscreen window is in a maximized state, its top & left properties are reset to zero. If those properties are what determine which screen the window appears on, then you'd probably need to get the window's InternetExplorer object via the ShellWindows object, or script and launch the InternetExplorer control, instead of a new window, to set/reset those properties.

    By the way, a new window can be moved at any time, using window.moveTo(x,y), but that will fail if the mouse has capture anywhere in the system, when called.
    (Actually, it appears that a new window can no longer be moved beyond the screen boundaries...)
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