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    What to do? Need a script to pass from an array to output

    Sorry for the lack of a better title desciption.

    I am developing a photo gallery. I now have a basic 3 column divisional layout.
    Left column shows the menu choices.
    Middle column will show the thumbnails.
    Right column shows a description of each column and upon clicking of the thumbnail, displays the larger image.

    I've tried using the textual tooltip swapping mechanism but I'm snagged on allowing for motre than a few simple images, let alone an assortment of images in various groups.

    I am considering the use of multi dimensional arrays in aiding the selection of the large image with the choice of the thumbnail.

    But what I need are some lessons on how to achieve my goal the best way.
    I have tried searching the miriad of javascript sample via google, but that's worse than looking for a needle in a hay stack.

    For a rundown of what I am proposing:

    1) Clicking on menu item brings up submenu items. (DD Switch menu).
    that works just fine.
    2) clicking on submenu item brings up display of thumbnails in middle column, description in right column.
    3) clicking on thumbnail produces bigger image in right column.

    Ok. Visitor wants to see next set and clicks on another submenu item.

    This part is what I am touble finding clues for.
    Every one discusses the simple single layer and image swapping routines.
    Ok. I understand that much.

    Anyone have either a script to do what I wnat or point me to a website that discusses this problem?


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    I don't think it is a matter of there being lessons available, just that there won't be a tutorial for every conceivable use of scripting (they are relatively unlimited).
    Here, you'll find links to documentation (lessons) covering object models (JS/DOM) which provide objects/properties/methods that may be brought together to achieve many things...
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