Hi, another thought just crossed my mind. Rather than having a server-side script to write a text file list of my x,y coordinates, possibly I could write a list to a pop-up window, then copy and paste into an editor. Is it possible to alter the script below, allowing additions to be written to window, listing x,y mouse points as I choose them or would each click go to another window.
I assume the best approach is to use PHP or something and have client and server side scripts huh. Just asking and learning.

function displayIdentifyPage() {

// identifyX and identifyY are global vars storing the identify click-point
IdentifyWindow = window.open(appDir + "IdentifyResults.htm?MAPX="
+ truncate(mapX,5) + "&MAPY=" + truncate(mapY,5) + "&MOUSEX="
+ identifyX + "&MOUSEY=" + identifyY, "IdentifyResultsWindow", "width="
+ identWinWth + ",height=" + identWinHt
+ ",scrollbars=yes,resizable=yes,toolbar=yes");

// handles identify mapTool event
function identify(idX, idY) {

// sets global vars mapX, mapY (absolute map coords) with clickpoint
getMapXY(idX, idY);

var common = generateCommonArgs();
var theArgs = "request=featureinfo&x=" + idX + "&y=" + idY + "&" + common
sendRequest(theArgs, REQUEST_TYPE_FEATURE_INFO);