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    Question Javascript 2-Dimensional Arrays

    I was wondering how to set an object in a 2d array to a variable.

    This is my menu array, and I want to set the 7th item on the 2nd item (DATEHERE). Idealy I want it to be referenced to a variable so I can set the date to the variable, and the varible to menu[7][2] or something like that.

    menu = new Menu();
    menu.addItem("homeid", "Home", null, "http://marshall.sandi.net", null);
    menu.addItem("About", "About", null, null, null);
    menu.addItem("students", "Students", null, null, null);
    menu.addItem("parents", "Parents", null, null, null);
    menu.addItem("staff", "Staff", null, null, null);
    menu.addItem("teacher", "Teacher Pages", null, null, null);
    menu.addItem("date", "DATEHERE", null, null, null);

    Thank you for any help you can provide!

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    Javascript is zero based and thus starts counting beginning at zero not one...
    Try: menu[6][1] = new Date();


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