for those of you haven't upgraded yet..

Changelog for .8 -> .9
    * Added the features:
          o Clear History
          o Clear Radio Buttons
          o Disable Cache
          o Disable Default Browser Styles
          o Disable Embedded Styles
          o Disable Individual Style Sheet
          o Disable Inline Styles
          o Disable Linked Style Sheets
          o Disable Popup Blocker
          o Display Anchors
          o Display CSS By Media Type
          o Display Image File Sizes
          o Hide Background Images
          o Linearize Page
          o Open DOM Inspector
          o Outline Images With Adjusted Dimensions
          o Outline Images Without Dimensions
          o Outline Selected Element
          o Outline Tables
          o Remove Maximum Lengths
          o Use Border Box Model
          o View Image Information
          o View JavaScript
          o View Link Information
    * Added a toolbar button for Firefox to show and hide the toolbar
    * Added keyboard shortcuts:
          o Open Java Console
          o Show and hide the toolbar
    * Added support for style sheets included from an XML processing instruction
    * 'Display Form Details' now displays size and maxlength for text fields
    * Fixed bugs:
          o 'Disable' feature did not persist
          o 'Display Form Details' did not show details about form fields
          o 'Edit CSS' feature did not load and unload CSS correctly in all cases
          o Generated pages never stopped loading indicator
          o Keyboard shortcut defaults conflicted with Mozilla keyboard shortcuts
          o 'Populate Form Fields' populated disabled fields
          o 'View Cookie Information' feature did not work on pages with port numbers
          o 'Visited Links' features threw a JavaScript exception
    * Generated tabs can now be configured to open in the background
    * Improved tab support
    * Improved the 'Edit CSS' feature:
          o CSS changes can now be stuck so that they are not lost when a new page is loaded
          o Textarea colors are now configurable
          o Textarea wrap can now be toggled on or off
    * Improved the 'Populate Form Fields' feature:
          o Added checkbox, radio button and select support
          o Text boxes containing 'email' in the name are now populated with an email address
    * JavaScript Console can now be configured to open when there is a warning or an error on the page
    * Replaced 'Validation' feature with new 'Tools' feature that allows unlimited external tools with customizable keyboard shortcuts
    * 'Resize' feature now allows unlimited options
    * 'View Cookie Information' now displays whether a cookie is secure or not
    * 'View Style Information' results can now be configured to display in the sidebar.
    * Various minor codes fixes