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    Just Curious f this is possible?

    Chances are i would never create such a site but i want to know...

    Is it possible to close one window from another window...

    My idea would be to create a site which people could go and add URL's to a data base and all they would have to do is minimize that site... Then whenever the get a pop up of that URL it would instantl kill the pop up....

    I know this can be done with software but i was wondering if someone really wanted to fo it with JavaScript would it be possible...

    I think it would be cool because it would allow people to not have to download programs which are probably spyware themselves

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    Uh...to close one window from another, you have to know it's name at the very least....but you can't get your 'idle' window to detect new window openings that it doesn't create anyways

    So (unless someone knows better) no.


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